Ina Brooks

I believe your home should be your sanctuary. For as long as I can remember, design and décor arrangement has been my passion. As a little girl, I would design furniture in my head as I fell asleep at night. Unlike other kids, I loved cleaning my room and would continually experiment with rearranging my belongings in new, carefully chosen ways.

As an adult, I translated this passion into a successful career in the film industry, working for 11 years both on set and as a buyer, sourcing and designing for some of Vancouver’s top productions.

Today I use my experience and tricks of the trade to help people create positive changes to their homes and properties. I continue to be excited by the opportunities that design brings into my life and hope to introduce that excitment into the lives of others.

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"Ina is an asset to any
real estate agent in
today's market and is
a joy to work with!"
L. Lerner, Vancouver